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Dear Prowash Missouri Customer,


I know what you might be thinking...."Oh no, not another thing about Corona Virus.." We totally understand however it is super important because it does affect you but I promise it will take only about 60 seconds.

First things first...We do NOT want to add any panic, but simply share practical steps to help keep everyone safe. This applies if you currently have any services scheduled with us OR have need to book service soon but have concerns.

The few updates on:

👉What OSHA says

👉What we are doing as a company

👉What you can do as homeowners

👉Your cleaning options

Here’s what OSHA says in a recent 35-page guide that they put out.

As of now, the guidance is based on traditional infection prevention and hygiene practices that include:


👉Hand washing thoroughly and or use of alcohol-based sanitizer of at least 60% alcohol

👉Employee staying home if they or any other family members are sick

👉Maintain regular housekeeping practices of cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and equipment


Here’s what we are doing as a company:

❤️Online estimates: To help reduce the number of times someone has to come to the home

❤️Wash / disinfect hands before entering the home

❤️No handshakes, but we welcome elbow bumps :)

❤️Suspending all interior services for 30 days!

❤️Electronic payments only to reduce passing of cash, checks or even to keep us from having to touch your debit card


Here’s what you can do:

👉Hold off on scheduling interior work if you or anyone in your family has traveled within the last 30 days

👉Let us know as soon as possible if anyone in the home has been sick and or had a cough or fever

Your cleaning options:

We do offer multiple cleaning options when it comes to Cleaning. We are suspending all Interior services for 30 days here are the exterior services we will continue to provide during that time.

🏠Exterior-only services include:

🏠House Washing

🏠Roof Cleaning

🏠Gutter cleaning

🏠Concrete cleaning

🏠Deck Cleaning

🏠Sanitation of exterior surfaces


As always safety comes first and it is our goal to communicate with you as well.

Let’s keep moving forward one day at a time doing our best to take care of each other.

We proudly serve Rolla, Springfield, Lebanon, Jefferson City, St. Louis, Waynesville, St. Robert, Lake Ozark, and everywhere in between.

At Prowash Missouri, we know that hiring pressure cleaners can be costly. That's why we strive to provide our exceptional services, at a reasonable price! Trying to pressure clean your house by yourself can cause many grave dangers to arise, for you and your house's integrity. We are licensed professionals, trained in safety precautions and pressure cleaning execution. 

5 Reasons to Hire a Professional Power Washing Service:

✅ It's safer- we're licensed professionals 🔨
✅ It's better for the environment 💧
✅ It will save you time and energy ⌚️

Not only is it safer to hire a professional power washing service, it is also better for the environment. Prowash Missouri is trained in Water Waste Management and we strive to conserve water by safely and effectively executing our services. 

Make the best of your time and energy: Hire a professional.