Working as a Team

We have been doing alot of leaf removal and gutter cleanouts. I know I say it a lot but this has been a great opportunity for our company. Growing up in a rural area I was always told there is nothing better than manual labor. As a child I obviously didn't understand and really disliked the idea of having to do lots of yardwork or helping my grandpa on his farm or with his beagles (he owned a beagle club). Today I realize they were right! Manual Labor brings people together. Complaining about it does nothing because everyone puts in their fair share just as much as you. There is no better exercise than manual labor. Try hauling leaves uphill about 100 times and tell me you have had a better workout. It is fun working when you have family or friends helping you out. You can get so much healthier because the day after you feel like a million bucks after such a great workout.

Yesterday I had the opportunity to work out in the field with my coworkers, it isn't the first time and it definitely won't be the last. It is definitely hard work, but it has really been helping our company to work better as a team. How does this affect you? You as our customer or potential customer will now get much better service. When everyone is on the same page then it really shows in the services provided. A company that can be positive is just easier to work with. If you want to get your Leaves Removed or any of our other services and work with a great company as well as support a small business give us a call!