Winter Blues

The weather has turned to freezing and tends to bring everyone down. You look outside and don’t see the sun shining so your only thoughts turn to being indoors. Why would anyone worry about what is outdoors when the weather is leaving you indoors?

You can still get your house washed though and your dryer vents cleaned. Why let the weather bring you down when there is still so much you can do to make yourself happy?

You can still get your house washed when it is at least 40 degrees outside or higher. It seems impossible but those are the temperatures we have been having lately snow or not and when the temperatures are set as such it is the ideal time to get it done now due to how busy it will be later when it is Spring and Summer. I know at this point, you might be thinking it is crazy to want to do a house washing in such cold temperatures. If you wait till Spring you might have to wait on a list to get the house wash completed, but if you book now you will have a larger selection of days and a larger priority on our list of customers. Just a little food for thought, however what I really want to talk about is dryer vent cleaning as I haven't spoken about it much before but it is probably the most important of our services to your safety.

The leading cause of house fires are caused by dryers. Dryers create a lot of lint and we see this when we clean out the lint from our dryers after each wash. Even if you keep your dryer the cleanest you possibly can by cleaning out all of the lint you still have the unseen lint. This is the lint that gets into the hose back into the wall. Everytime you turn on your dryer you are creating more of the lint and with each running it builds up and collects back into your wall. If you clean towels and sweaters on a regular basis like I do the lint is even worse. Drying towels and sweaters on a regular basis will create twice the build up and therefore need to be cleaned out twice a year. If you don’t dry a lot of towels and sweaters you only need them cleaned once a year.

When they are not cleaned at least once a year it creates not only build up but wear and tear on your dryer. Have you ever put your clothes into your dryer and it took more than one cycle to dry or several hours to dry? This could be a sign that your dryer vent needs to be cleaned out. When your dryer vent is clogged it makes the air flow much lower and can create this issue within your dryer.

If you haven’t had your dryer vent cleaned out by a professional at least once a year then you are just one spark away from a house fire of your own. Over 15,000 house fires are created each year by a dryer in the USA alone.

Have you seen an unexpected increase in your utility bills? The dryer has to work much harder and uses much more energy when it is clogged.

Even Carbon monoxide poisoning can unintentionally be created by a clogged vent.

Don’t take the risks get your dryer vent cleaned today!


Prowash Missouri