Window Cleaning

You are driving down the highway and all of a sudden it starts raining. A few moments later it stops but you now have a dirty windshield so you pull into a gas station to clean it so you can see more clearly. This is how it works with the windows on your home. So much filth collects on and mars your windows. Here is why window cleaning is important.

Preserving the structure-

Your windows are porous and collect so much dirt. This leads to a loss of transparency, pigmented spots, and scratching on your windows. Eventually this will lead to a breakdown of materials and make your window thin and brittle or even not able to open properly. When this happens it could cost out of wallet to completely replace the window in severe cases.

Cosmetic issues-

Let’s face it people can be judgmental. Whether they realize it or not how people view a person or a business when visiting a building can rely greatly on how the exterior of the building looks. Windows are one of the very first things a person notices when visiting an establishment. Dirty windows can make an establishment appear dirty and unclean. Having a clean window can greatly improve how you look to others.


When your windows are dirty the sun can’t get through good uv or bad uv are both blocked. If you are concerned enough to have Low-E or tinted windows they will be ineffective when your window is unclean. It doesn’t matter what kind of window you have if they are dirty. The heat can’t get through and your windows can become drafty. When it is cold outside this can become a big issue.

The best reason I believe to have your windows professionally cleaned is your air quality. Clean windows can help the air in your home stay fresh, while preventing mold growth.

Why have a professional do it?

A professional window cleaning not only keeps all of these issues from occurring and helps your quality of air, but a professional does this for a living. They ensure that your window and tracks are spot free and streak free. They get your window looking their best and ensure you get the best view whether looking in or out.