Pressure Washing is the most efficient and cost effective way to clean your home. Garden hoses use about 10 gallons of water per minute and do not get the job done, basically you are wasting water. A pressure washing could quickly get the job done in the end and leave a much better result. Pressure Washers use about two to five gallons of water per minute but make an effective use of that water as they can run at over 2000 to 4000 psi removing stains, algae, dirt, and grime. Professional pressure washers use special equipment and chemicals to ensure your home gets cleaned and does so at a specified low pressure setting to make certain your home doesn’t get damaged in the process. Pressure washing is not to be confused with Power washing as pressure washing uses cold water and power washing uses hot water. To ensure your home is protected from harmful growths pressure washing should be done once a year. Your home will get dirty again but within the following year we guarantee you will not have harmful molds or algae growths that breakdown the materials of your home. Our house wash is the best way to go in order to have that extra piece of mind and for the best results. Call now to schedule your house wash and also check out our blog post on the importance of a roof wash.

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