The Silent Criminal

What if I told you there was someone at your house right now? Someone who preys on your family and friends as they gather? Someone who is constantly ruining your personal property, someone who steals from your wallet?

Your first instinct would most likely be to call the police or an ambulance for your own personal protection. But, what about protecting your home?

Daily, yearly and hourly we don’t think about our gutters sitting high up on our homes, right above our heads. Out of sight, out of mind. Gutters are there to protect our homes from snow, rainwater, etc. They filter things from hitting our homes and foundation, leading it safely away. It makes sense that you would want to clean them, although many forget to do this.

What happens when we don’t properly clean our gutters after they collect all of those twigs, leaves, and debris build-up? Rain water, melted snow, and ice can cause overflow in the most unintended areas. #NotFun

At Prowash Missouri, our experts suggest having your gutters cleaned before the rainy or snowy seasons or at least twice a year.

The following are just a few ways clogged gutters are the criminals we let slip away:

1. Foundation Damage: The overflow can cause foundation cracking or at the least cause basement flooding.

2. Landscaping Ruin and Root Rot: Clogged gutters ruin and floods plants, killing them from; over watering, washes away mulching, and even attracts nasty pests such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, flies, and other disease carrying critters.

3. Pavement Shifting: It seeps down the sides of your house not only causing paint chipping but also onto your pavement, sidewalks, decking and driveways breaking down the materials causing cracks or even the whole thing to shift and move.

4. Roof and Interior Damage: The waters can cause pooling even on your roof. This causes damage to major areas that hold up your roof and cause leaking to your interior designs. Your furniture, appliances, and fixtures are not even safe from that kind of damage.

5. Fires: As stated in number 4 it gets down into your roofs causing leaking but did you know it also can cause fires? If that leak as stated gets onto wiring it can cause short circuiting and sparks to flare but all those leaves, twigs and debris from the clogging now serve as a conductor to a fire.

5. Health problems and accidents: This I think is worst of all. It even causes deadly molds and mildews throughout your home making for very unhealthy living situations. It causes accidents because you climb high up to fix them and clean them and the ladder wobbles and falls occur or maybe there are hornet nests and wasps up there and you inadvertently stick your hand in that getting numerous stings.

All of these problems are building up as you sit here and read this. Your gutters could be stealing thousands of dollars from you, robbing you of your hard earned money.

Say no more save yourself from this silent criminal and unstable ladders or bee stings. Call in the Pros! We have your safety in mind here at Prowash Missouri.

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