Rust at ease

Imagine a nice day you don’t have to work you have everything cleaned and the house is set. Your friends are going to come over and spend a nice day with you outside in the nice warm air. You go to pull the barbeque pit up so it can be ready and heated by the time your friends arrive, and right there on your concrete you have the most gastly orange eye sore imaginable. Rust has tarnished your beautiful concrete.

Rust is created over time from water and Iron. Simply by setting something metal on your concrete over a large amount of time you can create rust stains.

What else can create rust stains?

  • Battery Acid- Although not a rust stain Battery Acid stains look very much like rust stains and are worth mentioning. They are caused by you guessed it a leaky battery. Even just your golf carts or 4-wheeler can cause this big streak of yuck.

  • Irrigation Systems- Many irrigation systems contain trace amounts of Iron and since they also contain water they can easily create rust stains. Everytime the water from your sprinkler hits the concrete or driveway you could unknowingly create rust stains.

  • Fertilizers- A lot of Fertilizers that are giving your lawns that bright green look are also causing rust stains because they also contain trace amounts of Iron.

  • The Concrete Itself- Although highly unlikely some contractors think concrete is indestructible. They don’t pay close enough attention to the elements that go into creating the concrete inself and sometimes are putting bits of Iron into your concrete. They also sometimes put the rebar too close to the surface so when the concrete gets wet and concrete being an absorbent material it is slowly rusting from the inside out. Eventually this can also cause cracking and the rust can get to the surface and create rust stains.

  • Also as mentioned before any metal touching your concrete can be creating rust build up and therefore over time creating rust stains.

How do you prevent the rust stains?

Be careful and watchful of what goes onto your concrete and protect your investments. Even just a plant sitting too long in one spot on your concrete can create prolonged pooling of water and fertilizer and create rust stains. Don’t leave metal decorations or other metal products such as barbeque pits and lawn mowers on your concrete to sit over large amounts of time. If some of your fertilizer gets onto your concrete quickly sweep it off don’t allow any of it to remain or sit there. It is not the same as dirt. If your irrigation system comes into contact with any portion of your concrete or your decorative aspects of your home look into how to prevent that. Don’t allow any leaky batteries to be on your concrete.

We can’t always prepare for the worst and life happens. That is ok there are ways to remove rust stains from concrete but it can be pretty pricey and time consuming. You can buy concrete specified rust removers and a hard bristled brush and give it the ole elbow grease but this is an acid and very dangerous you always want to wear gloves and eye protection and all proper protective gear when handling these substances. The best way and easiest to remove rust stains is calling a professional pressure washing company and having them remove it for you.

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