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What does a person want when looking for a home? Maybe it is a 4 bedroom 2 bath or a walk in closet. What are the unspoken things a potential buyer wants though? They often don't know what to look for, but the clean home sells. We all know a clean home will sell faster and better than a dirty one that looks like it is going to be a lot of work. Buyers want to get through the process of buying a home just as easy and quick as you do. They are spending a lot of their money to buy a house they don’t typically want something that is going to take a lot of money to fix up. It would be so much better and easier to just be able to quickly move in and begin living in their new home. Knowing this you will typically go into the home and stage it. Give it a thorough cleaning and set it up to look it’s best, but what about the exterior?

House Washing is a service that can easily give you 5% to 10% more back on selling a home. The first thing a potential buyer sees is the exterior and in many cases this can make or break that sale! The home exterior collects a lot of dirt, molds, and mildew. To a buyer it looks bad and looks like a problem they are going to have to fix. They don’t know if it is a major rotting issue or if it is something cleanable.

You want to serve your clients and set up the buyer as well with the best services in order to ensure you get more clients and to ensure it is easy for everyone. You want to make the move as quick and easy as possible. When you order an exterior house cleaning you aren’t just making the home visually acceptable for your clients you are setting them up with a healthier new life! The following are the benefits to exterior house cleaning:

  1. A house cleaning makes a home safer for residents. Black mold is a common exterior element to homes. This can lead to many respiratory issues. A professional house cleaning will remove all molds, algae, and dirt to make the home safer for the people who reside in the residence.

  2. Molds, algae, and dirt aren’t just a health risk to humans, it is a risk to the structure as well. These growths like to eat the exterior siding and decorations to a home. When you let this go on too long the home becomes unprotected. Causing many other potential hazards such as rot, water damage and even electrical damage. This can create a major hazard for the individual or individuals living in the home.

  3. You are saving your client much more money in the cost of repairs and setting yourself up with more profit as well.

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