Protecting Our Livelihood

Let's take a moment today to talk about your concrete. I know, what a seemingly mundane topic. You’re probably wondering, “What does this have to do with my livelihood?”

You would be amazed at how important it is to properly wash your concrete. Most people probably just give it a quick hose down and consider it clean, right? No. Think about it, we do just about everything on our concrete. We drive on it, we run on it, we even shoot off our Independence Day fireworks on it.

Let Freedom Ring!

All of the many things we do daily or yearly on our concrete is making it extremely dirty and dangerous. All of the children's chalk drawings, or our oil changes, or even our many celebrations are taking a toll on the cleanliness and durability of our concrete.

We've heard all of the excuses in the book: "Oh well, it gives our home character," or "The damage lets people know this house is a home."

But, in reality, concrete damage is bringing down property value and is detrimental to your homes curb appeal.

When the surface is wet, the grime and mildew that has built up becomes slippery and causes all sorts of trips, falls, and other accidents. The same dirt and grime over time is breaking down the compounds making it weak and creating cracks, or in severe cases holes, and who needs that eye sore or safety hazard? If you own a business that could easily become a lawsuit.

Sure, concrete is fairly cheap to do a quick patch up but, why would you want to go through the trouble of buying and mixing the concrete to create an uneven, unappealing result?

After all, it doesn't fix the problem. You could even try to do a little DIY project. However, to get it done the right way would cost hundreds in supplies and a horrible backache.

Hiring a professional to regularly clean your concrete will save you money. We bring our own supplies, we get it done quickly, and we leave you with the best looking concrete on the block.

Calling Prowash Missouri can not only save your concrete but save you money and back pains, in the long run. Save time for what matters most allow us to help. Schedule an appointment online or give us a call at 833-465-WASH (9274).