Protecting Our Investment

Many homeowners are very busy people. Let's be honest, cleaning the exterior of our home isn't our top priority and it easily falls into that forgettable file of "OK, I will do it eventually." Before we know it, our house is barely recognizable. There are black streaks on our roof, green algae all over the siding, and who-even-knows-what is all over the pavement?

It has become a growing jungle of living organisms, we completely forgot about our warranty suggesting that we get it cleaned professionally at least once a year. It needs cleaned now but, what do we do?

To protect our little slice of heaven we call home, the options are vast. Do we hire professionally? Do we clean it ourselves? Do we hire Jim-Bob down the road?

Our first option is to clean it up ourselves. After all we clean all the time, and we know what we are doing, right? Cleaning it ourselves can easily become our pocket books worst nightmare. When it comes to checking over potential dangers, a professional can tell by a glance when it is time to replace something or simply clean it. Often people make this mistake and in the long run, end up having to replace their roofs or siding, putting themselves unintentionally out of thousands of dollars. Our investments on our shingles or siding or decorative moldings that could have lasted us 25 years or longer just got shot down by one simple unprofessional wash.

Don't forget we can always call Jim-Bob though. Jim-Bob is the all-around-fix-it guy we all know. He seems to know a little bit about everything and he loves to help, he is a master of all trades. Don't get me wrong Jim-Bob is amazing and he definitely deserves that pat on the back but, Jim-Bob isn't a professional either and easily can do just the same damage you could do. Don't be fooled, he knows just about as much as quickly watching an internet video, even if he says he has done it his whole life. He doesn't compare to a professional who has spent a lifelong investment honing in on his or her craft.

    We mean no offence to you or to Jim-Bob, however when cleaning your home choosing to hire a professional is the cheapest and easiest way. A professional will tell you that you only pressure wash concrete. That's right, we only pressure wash concrete. Pressure washing ruins your paint, siding, molding, and other beautiful touch ups. We, as professionals, soft wash everything.

What is soft washing you may ask? It is a type of pressure washing. It is a low pressure form of washing used by professionals that is combined with biodegradable solutions to safely remove all algae, mildew, bacteria and other nasty organisms that feed on your home. We use specialized low pressure nozzles on the end of a pressure washing wand designed to wash homes at a specified low pressure speed.

The methods we use are actually designed to prolong and sustain your paints and exterior designs making them last much longer. A professional knows exactly what to look for in the way of property damage and can make you aware of any potential damage to your home. With a professional you can rest easy knowing that we are insured.

Prowash Missouri is insured for up to two million in damage on the unlikely chance that something goes wrong. Don't chance the beauty of your home, sustain it by calling Prowash Missouri today. We wash gutters, exterior and interior windows, decks/patios, roofs, homes, chimneys, in addition to leaf removal, lawn mowing locally, snow shoveling, and even staining/sealing just about every exterior cleaning you can think of. Name it and chances are we are certified to help. Call us, you won't be disappointed.

Request an appointment on or call us at 833-465-9274. We are your exterior home cleaning professionals. We know home cleaning and we care!