Property Destroyer During a Pandemic

Covid-19 has brought a seemingly new way of life for everyone. It has left so many people out of work and many others with the constant fear, “am I going to accidentally bring this home to my family?” Those that are taking this virus head on are heros and we want to commend them! Those, however, that are trying to make a quick dollar, we appreciate that you need the money and are trying to figure out new ways to survive and adapt, but taking on a new trade without proper training and tools to do so can be dangerous for you and others.

We feel this is the best time to warn our customers, potential customers, and future customers about the dangers of hiring what we to this point have called “unprofessionals,” but for the sake of clairvoyance and this blog post we will name “property destroyers.”

They come by the dozens. They bring their electric what's it, backpack lollygaggers, and their time consuming sprays. You can recognize them from their lack of insurance, no operating licenses, and the best of their educational systems come from YouTube. Why not support them? They lost their job and need the support.

They aren’t bad people, we know this. They have families too and they might even be your friend, but the truth is they don’t have education. They don’t know what chemicals are for which surfaces like a professional does. This can harm your property immensely by causing root rot or worse frying your homes entire electrical circuit. Property destroyers aren’t insured, they can easily cause your entire siding to be replaced without the insurance to pay for it, they can cause a deck to be replaced or much worse. The fact is they don’t know where to apply pressure and where not too. This can also be dangerous if they catch a person with the pressure or get the wrong chemicals on their own or someone else's skin. They just don’t have the key factors it takes to clean the exterior surfaces of your property plain and simple.

We included a picture of a man attempting to pressure wash the side of a vinyl home on a ladder. First please notice you don’t want to pressure wash on a ladder. Within seconds he could easily fall off and injure himself or worse if this was a larger house he could easily lose his life. Second he is much too close with a pressure that is too high for this type of surface. This can easily bend and break the materials or worse it is going to send the water into the boards beneath and create rotting. Lastly notice the squiggle marks that are being left on the siding. This man is trying to clean without a cleaning agent. He is simply blasting off the visible outer layer and not killing the organic growth.

I have also seen many “property destroyers” popping up saying they sanitize. You cannot sanitize with water pressure. Take a load of dirty laundry, leave it outside on the pavement for several months, then spray it with a high pressure water hose. Now wear the clothes. This is the quality service they are giving you. This is the type of “cleaning and sanitation” property destroyers provide to you and your family without the insurance and credentials to back it up.

We are professionals, we were doing this way before Covid-19 and will be providing our services way after it is over. We are licensed and insured, we have the proper education and experience that a professional business offering an essential trade should have. We are not trying to offend anyone, we just want you to be aware of the risks of hiring one of these individuals and let you come to your own decisions as you are the only person who knows what is right for your families health, safety, and property. We care about you and want to provide you with the best service and advice as well as see that our area is safe and healthy.