Pressure Washing Stucco

Some surfaces are simply harder to clean than others. Stucco is one of those hard to clean surfaces. Pressure washing is the best way to clean the exterior of your home as it allows you to get in high difficult to reach areas from the ground and has a higher potential with it’s water pressure than with a garden hose. If you are considering whether or not to pressure wash your Stucco or hire a professional here are some things you may want to consider.

  • Chemicals- Stucco can easily be harmed by choosing the incorrect chemicals or even by leaving the correct chemicals on too long. Just washing with pressure alone will leave the exterior wall dull and only partially clean. Stucco is porous and absorbent. If you have rust, oil, or dirt stains they have already seeped deep into the material and only specific detergents for each can correct and clean deep into the surface. Leaving these detergents too long can discolor or weaken your beautiful stucco.

  • What is surrounding your stucco?- Many things around our home that help to create our desired atmosphere can be damaged easily. Vegetation can be killed or even unearthed by high pressurized water or chemicals if not handled properly. Concrete can be affected by dripping of chemicals and new stains can be created through it’s absorbent nature. All of these things must properly be protected before you even begin this project.

  • PSI- Last but most importantly is PSI (or) Pressure per Square Inch. When pressure washing stucco you must have the correct and precise PSI. Stucco is very easily damaged by chipping or worse your home can be deeper penetrated by water causing irreversible damage to your home if the PSI isn’t correct. Your PSI needs to be between 1,500 and 2,500. The PSI needs to be somewhere between high pressure used on concrete and low pressure used for soft washing and evenly distributed. Stucco has to be sprayed at a 45 degree angle and 2 foot away from the surface. Chemicals need to be applied at an even lower PSI than that. Only a professional knows how to test for the correct PSI and apply it evenly to the work.

If you don’t plan effectively and leave room for error it can be detrimental to your home. Each of these should heavily be considered before pressure washing your stucco siding. If you decide to give the professionals a call instead you can reach us at 833-465-9274 or go to fill out a form here at