Pressure Tips

Here’s a quick lesson on pressure washing tips…..

DISCLAIMER!!!! We Do NOT Recommend using a pressure washer at your home without the correct safety equipment and a thorough understanding of the equipment. WE RECOMMEND YOU CALL US AND ENJOY YOUR WEEKENDS.

- Red: A red tip is the narrowest angle—zero degrees. This tip creates a water stream that can do a lot of damage, so be careful if you need to use it. Don’t use a red-tipped nozzle up close to any surface.

- Yellow: The yellow tip creates a spray with a 15-degree angle. This tip can also create damage if used close enough to the surface.

- Green: A green tip produces a 25-degree spray. While this tip has less PSI than the red or yellow tip, you should also use extra caution and stay a safe distance from the surface.

- White: A white tip produces a 40-degree spray. Again, caution should be used in staying a safe distance from the surface. Our process applies a detergent to safely remove the dirt, algae and debris from your home then we do a low - pressure rinse leaving all the areas of your home – siding, deck, fence, driveway, patio, etc. – clean and fresh.

- Black: Producing a spray angle of 65 degrees, a black nozzle is the gentlest but still requires caution.