Personal Opinions on Small Business

When you work it is important to love what you do. I have worked for companies that I absolutely hated the work. I loved the people and that made it not so bad but the work was something I couldn't really put my heart into. It made my work and work ethic go downhill quickly. That’s why it is important to really love what you do for any company. I am Laura Dicken. I work for a small company called Prowash Missouri. My job is the best and the following “benefits of working for a small company” are a list of my reasons why.


When you work for a small business there aren't as many people to tell you what to do as there are people to help you and lift you up. Working for a small business means working within a small group and that leaves less room for judgements and more room for improvements and working as a team.


Let's be honest, no one likes someone hovering over them and I never really experienced that much working for any company but working for a small business gives you much more space to be yourself and to grow. You aren't having to bump into people or share, everyone is busy and no one has time for anything other than the tasks to keep the business moving forward.

Family and community:

When you are working in a small space you have the space you need to grow but you also become close to your co-workers and this ties into the teamwork aspect but you can really form a close knit group that you can rely on. They become your family and you care about what happens to one another while still maintaining a business mindset.


I could go on for hours about the benefits of working for a small business but probably the best part is growth. Yes, you are growing the company but you are also growing your skills. You get to learn from other innovative thinkers and they learn from you. All of you are constantly growing your skills and learning new things daily. It is a learning process that allows you to constantly grow.

If you haven't had the chance to work with a small business you are missing out. Small businesses are great for many things and probably the best one is community. These are my personal opinions and do not in anyway reflect the opinions of this business.