Pandemic Stability

In a society that seems to rely so much on social situations surviving through a pandemic can be tough. We are only a few weeks into "self quarantining" and it feels as though we have been marooned on an island with no one to search for us. It can get lonely quickly. Here in this post are a few ideas and personal suggestions for fighting the quarantine blues and staying busy. Cleaning- Yes, I know what you are probably thinking. The exterior cleaners are suggesting cleaning how original. Hear me out though. Cleaning then sanitizing is important for keeping germs away, but some cleaning activities can also help you lose calories according to WebMD. Besides, I can't speak for anyone else but a clean home always makes me feel better. The CDC suggests cleaning most surfaces using soap and water, then using an approved disinfectant to disinfect the surface. You can find the EPA approved disinfectant at the following site. Connecting through the internet- This one is fairly obvious but the internet is a great way to connect to people from all over the world. Now, it can be a way of connecting with loved ones and friends who live close but in a different household. No ppe or distance required. Revisit Your Childhood- No, I am not suggesting you bring up the past. I am suggesting you build a fort or play an old board game. It can be a really fun activity for you and your children, if you have any, to create and participate in some good clean childhood fun. Personally, my kids and I have been enjoying tactical Nerf wars and board games such as Clue. Get creative, no one is watching. Pamper Yourself- Buy yourself a treat online or take a relaxing bath. You deserve it. Exercise- Exercise is important for a healthy lifestyle, but it can also be a great producer of endorphins. Endorphins shoot through to your brain and make you feel great. Might I suggest a dance off with some family members, or with friends online virtually? Quarantining can seem stressful and lonely, but it doesn't have to be. Find what makes you happy. Find what you like to do indoors and act on it. Remember, that we are in this together and together is how we will get through this time of isolation. Note: We are not mental health professionals. The ideas suggested in this blog post are personal suggestions and are not to replace the advice and ideas given to you by an actual mental health professional