Not so Pretty Hometown

Yesterday I was driving through my hometown and was going through so many memories. The school I went to as a child, the places I hung out with friends. The problem is they didn’t have the same effect as they once did because the whole town has become dirty and I felt terrible how could I let the place I love so much become so marred down with dirt and grime not only losing its luster and appeal but losing its safety in general.

I can’t fix everything I thought to myself but that is just an excuse. I started making cold calls to the businesses offering a free demo and got the old “We already have one,” (Of course they don’t) or my favorite simple hang up. It is ok it won’t deter me from targeting my hometown. I know this sounds kind of ridiculous but I really want my hometown to be to everyone what it always was to me.

When you allow the dirt grime and filth to fester over a dwelling or a business it becomes dangerous in so many ways. There are so many mold and algaes that eat away your shingles, siding and concrete. How does this make it dangerous? Concrete becomes slippery. Siding becomes worn and unstable. Shingles are unable to reflect sunlight and start collecting moisture making them ineffective. Please heed my advice you don’t have to choose Prowash Missouri check around do your research but please lets get it cleaned. Although in my personal opinion Prowash Missouri is the best pressure washing service around.