Nightmare Around the Holidays

It's an absolute nightmare scenario, you are sitting basking in the heat of your fireplace with your family sitting near by watching the television. All of a sudden you hear a loud crackling and smoke starts pouring out of your chimney. Your only solution is to quickly get you and your family out of your house into the cold and call 911. What could have happened? What could you have done? Many homeowners who own a fireplace forget the most important thing to do on a yearly basis is to clean their chimney. Creosote is a dark brown oil that is made from the burning embers in your fireplace. If you have ever cleaned your range hood on the kitchen you know what I am talking about. It is a harsh oil to clean and easily builds up inside your chimney. The blockage to your chimney can create a pretty harsh fire and in the best case scenario it can just cause an annoyance of having to get your chimney cleaned and in worst case scenarios it can burn your house down. At Prowash Missouri we understand the importance of having your chimney cleaned and checked yearly for damage. We are able to check your chimney and fireplace for damages and inform you of what you need to have done if anything at all. We can clean the chimney and fireplace quickly in under 30 minutes. Give us a call for all of your chimney cleaning needs. 833-465-9274