The only thing spookier to Prowash Missouri than a haunted house is a house that looks haunted because it hasn't been cleaned. It's Halloween and everyone here at Prowash Missouri wants to wish you and your family a safe and Happy Halloween. Our General Manager Janet has been hard at work all week carving the creepy yet beautifully carved pumpkins pictured below. As you enjoy them and contemplate giving us a call for your exterior cleaning needs, we wanted to share some fun Halloween facts with you.


  • Around 40% of Americans dress up in costume for Halloween and around 72% hand out candy. Great news if you plan on going trick or treating with your little ghost and goblins maybe you can get some extra for me?

  • Halloween was started as a Celtic festival called Samhain or "Summer's end" held around the first of November. They celebrated the end of Harvest and the crossing over of ghosts by lighting sacrificial bonfires and wearing costumes more than 2000 years ago.

  • Women used to get competitive around Halloween. They would throw apple peels over their shoulder because it was believed it would reveal their future husbands initials. Women would competitively Bob for apples because the winner was supposed to be the first to get married. Stand holding a candle in front of a mirror to look for their future husbands face. Sounds like too much work just for that.

  • Jack o Lanterns were brought to us by the Irish when they fled their country in the 1840s due to the potato famine. Jack o Lanterns were originally carved out of turnips, potatoes, and beets. Once Halloween became popular in America however, pumpkin carving became popular instead.

  • Illinois produces up to 5 times more pumpkins than any other state. Thank you Illinois!

  • Chicken feed was the original name of candy corn. Goelitz Confectionery Company sold boxes of it, the company is now called Jelly Belly Co.

  • The Michael Myers mask from the 1978 horror film "Halloween," is actually a mask of William Shatner. They had to buy the mask spray paint it white and change the eye holes just a bit to make it look creepier due to the film being so low budget. So if you ever wondered why William Shatner playing Captain James Kirk and Michael Myers look eerily similar that is why.

I hope you enjoyed this Halloween trivia!