Gutter Problem?

Spring is almost here and with it comes lots of rain. If you don't get your gutters cleaned at least twice a year (once in the Fall and once in the Spring) this can cause major turmoil to your home. When we allow our gutters to get full, we allow our gutters to get clogged. Once our gutters are clogged they have nowhere to drain so they overflow. Overflowing of gutters can potentially cause lots of damage.

Foundation Damage-

This overflow of gutters can cause your foundation to crack and your basement to flood or worse.

Gutter sagging or breakage-

Your gutters being too full can cause your gutters to be weighted down an excessive amount that your gutters are unequipped to support. This can very easily cause them to sag or be stripped from the house completely.

Landscaping Ruin and Root Rot-

It is commonly known that overwatering plants can kill them. Root rot is created most often by overwatered soils. The soggy conditions caused from gutter overflow prevent roots from absorbing oxygen required to live. The oxygen- deprived roots die and decay, their rot spreads to healthier roots, even if the soggy conditions have been solved.

Pavement Shifting-

As the water travels out of your gutters in unintended areas they can get up and under pavement, causing your beautiful patio or sidewalks and driveways to slowly shift out of place.

Roof and Interior Damage-

Overflow can cause pooling on your roof. This pooling allows for the water to get under your protective shingles. The water then seeps deep into layers of your roof and can cause roof leakage, mold, mildew, and rot.


As stated previously, the water causes pooling on your roof and seeps into the layers of your roof and ceiling. This seepage can get into your electrical wiring and outlets this very easily causes house fires and sparks.

Spring can be a fun, eventful, and beautiful time when you don't take your exterior cleaning needs for granted. Full gutters can demolish your home. Although they are rarely thought of and seem unimportant they require consistent attention.