First Impression

When we think about our family and how lovely it would be to see them for thanksgiving, we tend to think about a turkey and ham feast. We rush to get the interior of our homes clean and don’t give much consideration to what the exterior of our home looks like. It is alright I am speaking from personal experience, we have all been there. What about our family coming over though? What do they see?

When my family comes over they can be a bit judgemental. I have worked so hard making sure the home is spotless and smells good. I have made sure none of my laundry was sitting in the collect all chair and my drawers were even cleaned of all those pens and ratchets. I even made sure my “nice” dinnerware was on display and my everyday dinnerware was put away. I mean completely spotless. Yet every year they still had something to say about making sure I kept a tidy home. What is it I thought? Then one day I came home and realized my house looks terrible. There was green yuck covering the outside that reminded me of the slime shows when I was young. It looked almost like my house had a runny nose. My roof had unsightly black marks covering the top. My concrete was black too and I didn’t know what to do? All this time I had focused on the interior when I should have been focused on the exterior after all that is the first thing they notice. I have never had much of a problem with keeping my yard junk free or making sure I had beautiful flowers on the exterior, but my house was apparently beyond my sight this entire time. My guess is because I see it every day that it was literally beyond my scope but, it was a problem and eye sore and now I fretted that everyone thought I was dirty.

I called a pressure washer. They were on time and handled it quickly. What I thought would be a week long job took just a few hours. They had my cleaning jobs done so quickly and efficiently. When they came, I was slightly worried about the process and didn’t know what to expect? Would they ruin my siding? Would the shingles come off my roof? They calmed my worries quickly by doing a walk around with me and told me everything they