Exterior Cleaning Services

Exterior Cleaning is important to the value of your property not only for cosmetic reasons but for health, upkeep, and insurance. Watch this short video on what happened to this man for not keeping his property cleaned.

What matters when choosing an exterior cleaner?

Choosing how to clean your property can make a difference too. When choosing an exterior cleaner you want to ensure that the cleaner has the proper education, as well as your cleaner is licensed and insured.

Why can’t I just do it myself?

You can do it yourself, however the equipment to properly clean can be expensive and given you get the proper tools to DIY the situation it could take days to clean. It is not the ideal way to clean your property and it can be very confusing when figuring out how to get the property properly clean.

You are expensive why shouldn’t I just hire someone cheaper?

You can hire someone cheaper, however hiring someone cheaper comes at a great risk. The professionals or more expensive cleaners are highly educated in areas of cleaning and have extensive training in order to clean properties. If you go for the cheaper options you are taking the risk that your cleaner doesn’t know what they are doing and doesn’t have proper training or is licensed and insured. They could harm your property immensely and if they don't have insurance to cover damages that could be a leg race. Check out the following video of damages done by unprofessional cleaners.

If you are in need of Exterior Cleaning best call in the Pros at Prowash Missouri. Here are a few pictures of our past cleanings!

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