Don’t Let The Rain Get You Down

We get a lot of questions about pressure washing in the rain. Is it possible? Yes, it is possible, however it can be very dangerous. Here is a list of possible hazards that can arise with the rain.

We have to be more wary of slips and falls.

While hanging door hangers a few weeks ago I found myself slipping and sliding on the concrete in front of homes. Almost falling several times and that was on the ground. Just imagine doing some of the more dangerous jobs even when it isn’t raining.

We have to watch the weather very closely.

When I first started my position here at Prowash Missouri I personally didn't even

think about this hazard. It was usually the customers reminding me about the

weather. We all make mistakes right? If it is lightning or something equally

terrifying though chances are I will be calling to reschedule. We all know the

potential dangers that could arise with this one.

If you are operating your own pressure washer you should check Underwriters Laboratories (UL)

Underwriters Laboratories is a company that issues safety ratings to electrical

equipment. If a UL rating says it’s safe to use then you are OK, keep marching

on. You should always store electrical equipment in a safe dry environment

though. If your equipment is older than 15 years it most likely is not prepared for

a wet climate and could easily cause you electric shock.

If all of these potential hazards scare you then you are not alone. You can always call Prowash Missouri and schedule with us for your pressure washing needs. We always use all precautions for weather and we use a gas powered pressure washer. Above all else please always do your research. We are an experienced pressure washing company with insurance and proper certifications. We are professionals.

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