Do I Need My Roof Replaced?

A roof over our heads keeps us warm and cozy and protects us from the elements so keeping it above us and not below us is important. Most homeowners are quick to just replace it though. When does your roof need replaced and when does it just need cleaned? Here are the tell tale signs you need your roof replaced and the signs you just need it cleaned.

Your roof is sagging

If your roof is sagging you need to replace it immediately. Yes, this one is obvious but some of the other signs aren't so clear. Some of them you might think prove you need a new roof as many do when really it needs to be cleaned.

Your roof is getting black streaks across it

This is a sign you simply need to clean it. Those black streaks are called gloeocapsa magma. It sounds and looks completely scary which it is but this is growth on your roof and if left long enough can definitely damage your roof but if caught quick enough just needs to be cleaned.

Your shingles are starting to curl

This is a sign you need your roof replaced. Shingles curl usually as a cause of weathering. They tend to curl at the edges or corners. If your shingles are curling there is typically already water damage to the layers underneath and that needs to be replaced.

You are missing shingles

If your roof is missing shingles it is ok to just replace the missing patches and you will be fine. Leaving those patches without the shingles will lead to damaging of the layers beneath. The colors of shingles are changing all the time too so your roof might start looking like a checkerboard which will probably lead to you wanting to replace the roof for cosmetic reasons as well.

Your roof has algae or moss

This obviously needs to simply just be cleaned. If left for a long time it can lead to your shingles not working properly to shield you and cause damage to your roof but it just needs to be cleaned.

It has been 25 years since you have had your roofing

If your nearing the 25 year mark of your roofings life you probably need your roof replaced. Over time the shingles crack and or get brittle and simply need to be replaced. It is a good idea however to have your roof cleaned every 3 to 5 years in order to make your roof last 25 years.

If you need your roof cleaned call Prowash Missouri at 833-465-9274. We are certified in roof cleaning and soft washing services and can ensure the life of your roof is extended or inform you if your roof needs replaced.