Cleaning During A Pandemic

A pandemic has begun. We are now several weeks in and life, well let’s just be honest life during a pandemic is odd. What do we do during this awkward time? Many have as suggested by the CDC and Government, gone into a self induced quarantine as to not further spread this virus unintentionally. Many are still out there working as without their work the entire economy would crash and we would be sent back to a less productive society. The main thing though that seems to occupy our time is cleaning. After all during a pandemic or disease prevalent world cleaning is the number one priority. That is why I have put together a list of things to consider for cleaning during a pandemic.

Most if not all of us know by now that we should avoid social situations, wash our hands regularly, and not touch our face but what types of things might we be overlooking? The fact is probably a lot of things. I am not suggesting your house be hospital ready or your tables be ready for operating on. No, Hospitals have to be clean for those sorts of things but our homes don’t. What I am suggesting is that you might want to consider cleaning some of the following often overlooked items.

  1. Your Phone- Phones are one of the dirtiest items in our life. They touch our face often are in our purses, back pockets, and even frequently left on many surfaces. It might be a good idea to clean it more often than usual.

  2. Your car- The handles, arm rests, gear shift, and steering wheel are touched often and many times after touching public spaces that probably don't get cleaned such as the gas pump. This can be a breeding ground for lots of germs.

  3. Home- There are so many things to think about here that I am just going to bundle them into one.

· Door knobs and Door knockers- inside or out they get touched frequently by everyone.

· Electronics

· Light Switches

· Remote Controls

· Refrigerator and Microwave Handles

· Keys

· Garbage Cans- They are touched frequently by waste collectors then again by you.

· Mailboxes- Again, they are touched by mail carriers then by you.

· Outdoor Play Areas and play equipment or toys

· Patio Areas

· Handrails- indoor and outdoor

If you are reading this we know you are living clean, but maybe others don’t take as many precautions as you do? They are just a few areas you may want to consider as you are trying like the rest of us just to get through this Happy and Healthy. We can help with the exterior if you are feeling overwhelmed or have taken to not going outdoors at all. Above all we want you to stay safe and stay healthy during this difficult time.