Chase it like there is no tomorrow

The season has officially changed and leaves have started to fall. Where is the cooler weather though? Maybe it is just me but I love the colder weather, just cold enough but not too cold. We have been at it again hanging door hangers and the sun has been a scorcher. Hey sun cut it out with the 90 degree days it’s Autumn. Anyway, that's probably off topic but relevant to today's post because as I was walking, I was listening to podcasts. I heard something while listening to a lady I can’t remember the name of that to date is probably one of the best things I have ever heard in my life other than obviously that I was going to be a mother or life events like that. It literally stopped me in my tracks it was that great for me and yet it's so simple and obvious. “Knowledge is not power, Applied knowledge is power.” This is so true not just for business but for everyone in everyday life. When we add knowledge to our brains it does us no good just sitting on our behinds. We have to apply it to everything we do. To further that even “nothing ever got done sitting around on your butt.” I challenge everyone here to start applying what you learn and to learn everything about your passion and chase it. I challenge everyone to go after what you want because “life is short.” Prowash Missouri is a family owned and operated pressure cleaning business but it is also a dream being successfully accomplished. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you all are taking every step toward your dreams. There is no better time than NOW!