A Family Tradition

Growing up I always enjoyed and looked forward to Thanksgiving as it was one of the few times of year my entire family came together. I remember waiting impatiently for what felt like an eternity but was probably only truly a few hours for all my extended family to arrive, because I couldn't wait to play with and see my cousins. Thinking back on memories of the past like this brings me joy, so in true Thanksgiving fashion I would like to share some family traditions with you of the not so distant past but seemingly have been forgotten.

  • Thanksgiving Trivia Families used to start off by remembering and telling facts and fun memories of ancestors. Thanksgiving trivia was almost like a game seeing what everyone remembers of the history of Thanksgiving. Did you know cornucopias were once goat horns filled with nuts and berries?

  • Place Cards and Centerpieces Families used to really take a lot more time planning family festivities. It was a big deal to host the family sort of like planning a small wedding. They would make and have a beautiful centerpiece sitting elegantly in the center of the table and even make place cards and plan the seating arrangements. I don’t know about you but I am sitting all of my siblings at the kids table.

  • Football Games No, I am not talking about watching them on tv. Families used to wait on the Thanksgiving feast by working up an appetite outdoors. They would use that time to play a friendly game of football.

  • Bringing out the China In order to save my time and arms in the sink, my family uses paper plates and plastic forks. Once though fancy dinnerware and dressing up was a must at Thanksgiving. Don’t forget your best dress.

  • Splitting the Wishbone Although slightly morbid in my opinion children (including me) used to always argue over who got to split the wishbone. Two different kids would each hold a side and pull. While pulling each child would make a wish and whomever got the longer end was said to have their wish come true. My wish to never have to do household chores never did come true.

  • Sharing What You Are Truly Thankful For Going around the table person by person and sharing what you are thankful for was a cute and meaningful tradition. I am grateful for friends, family, coworkers, and our amazing clientele. To me, people are the most important in my life.

  • Walking Don’t get me wrong relaxing after the Thanksgiving meal sounds great but families used to spend this time taking a long walk. This sounds like something that needs to occur after our Thanksgiving feast this year as I am trying to watch my weight.

  • Sleepover In modern times Black Friday sales have sort of invaded Thanksgiving. It seems everyone wants to eat then dash, even forcing some retail workers to spend their Thanksgiving at work rather than at home with their family. In the past families would plan a sleepover and truly enjoy their time together.

Prowash Missouri is Thankful for you. If there are any traditions we missed and you would like to share we want to hear them. We want everyone of you to enjoy your time with your friends and family and wish you the greatest of Thanksgiving holidays.